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Bachelor Thesis: Comparison of Convex Approximation Schemes for Modifier Adaptation with Quadratic Approximation

  • Thesis offer
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Real-time optimisation [1] is a high-level model-based control technique in which the operating conditions of a chemical plant or process are optimized. Thereby, the inevitable plant-model mismatch needs to be addressed. In modifier adaptation schemes [2-3], the cost and constraint function of optimization problem are corrected based on available measurement data. Gao et al. [4] proposed “Modifier Adaptation with Quadratic Approximation” (MAWQA), in which quadratic approximations (QA) are used to estimate the necessary plant gradients. An important criterion for the convergence to the optimal set-points is the use of “adequate” models [5-6]. In MAWQA, this can be achieved by the approximation of convex quadratic functions. In this thesis, different schemes for the convex approximations of QAs for MAWQA shall be investigated and compared.


  • Review of existing literature
  • Investigation of different convex approximation schemes for quadratic functions
  • Implementation into modifier adaptation with quadratic approximation
  • Comparative simulation study


  • Programming skills (MATLAB, Python)
  • Interest in process performance optimisation
  • Interest in advanced process control and optimisation


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Beginning: As soon as possible.

Duration: 3 month full time