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Fakultät BCI

Batch Process Operations

Type Lecture (2 SWS) + Exercise (1 SWS)
Rhythm Winter Semester
Audience Master BIW, CIW, PSE
Language English
LV number 061570
LSF number 061571

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Course content

Many chemical and most biochemical production processes are performed as batch processes where finite quantities of material undergo a sequence of production steps in one or several pieces of equipment. Batch processes differ from continuous processes as they are transient (non-stationary) in nature and often different products are produced in the same equipment, leading to scheduling problems. The course extends the knowledge of the students in the field of operation and control of batch processes. It covers the current standards for batch automation as well as the monitoring, control and optimization of individual batch runs.

Acquired competences

The students understand the fundamental differences between batch and continuous operation. They know the standards for batch automation and can interact with automation engineers in this domain. They are able to apply state-of-the-art monitoring, control and optimization techniquesto industrial batch processes.


Exam Written (90 min) / Oral (30 min) + Graded Homework
Preliminaries The participants should have a basic knowledge of mathematical modeling, dynamic systems, and control, as provided by the course Prozessdynamik und Regelung in the B.Sc. programs Bio- und Chemieingenieurwesen or the course Introduction to Process Dynamics.
Literature The slides of the course and any additional materials such as literature lists and website recommendations will be published in the virtual workrooms in Moodle provided for this purpose. Details will be announced at the beginning of the course.

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