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Find below the most recent news from the Laboratory of Process Automation Systems. Updates on our research can be found here.


SIMPLI-DEMO Showcased at Horizon Europe Mid-Term Event in Düsseldorf

On March 14th, the SIMPLI-DEMO project took center stage at the "Horizon Europe.NRW – Erfolge im Blick" event.


Advancing Circular Economy: Insights from the Circular Foam Project Workshop

On February 28th, partners from the Circular Foam project came together for a two-day workshop at TU Dortmund.


PAS/DYN @PAAT2023 in Frankfurt, Germany

Patrick Lotz and Merve Özkan, along with DYN members Engelbert Pasieka, Jens Ehlhardt and Mohamed Elsheikh, at the PAAT 2023!


Prof. Sergio Lucia receives the BCI Teaching Prize!

The BCI Student Council is proud to announce that this year's teaching prize is awarded to Prof. Sergio Lucia.


PAS @IFAC2023 in Yokohama, Japan

Lukas Lüken at the IFAC 2023!


PAS @ IFC2023 in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Merve Özkan at the IFC 2023!


PAS @ Circular Foam Consortium's Meeting in Amsterdam

Patrick Lotz and Merve Özkan, recently participated in the Circular Foam project meeting held in Amsterdam.


PAS @CoDIT2023 in Rome, Italy

Joshua Adamek at the CoDIT 2023!


Second price for innovative teaching format at Workshop "Digital Teaching & Study Success"

Presentation of "LightPod – Expert Interview with Lightboard" at the 3rd FTMV Workshop "Digital Teaching & Study Success"


PAS presents LightPod: Lightboard meets Podcast

LightPod is a new and original teaching format from the Laboratory of Process Automation Systems.


LightPod recording on the topic of Gaussian processes (machine learning session)