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Second price for innovative teaching format at Workshop "Digital Teaching & Study Success"

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© Sergio Lucia

Felix Fiedler and Sergio Lucia from the Laboratory of Process Automation Systems present the teaching concept "LightPod – Expert Interview with Lightboard" at the workshop "Digital Teaching & Study Success" of the Fakultätentag Maschinenbau und Verfahrenstechnik (FTMV).

In a "LightPod" video, an expert and an interviewer discuss selected topics from the regular lecture using a lightboard for visual support. A lightboard is a transparent whiteboard through which the lecturers are filmed and on which additional media can be projected.  The lightboard provides the perfect framework for a focused dialogue on complex topics that require equations, diagrams, or animations for understanding. This dialogue in the interview format, inspired by popular podcasts, also allows breaking the classic monologue of a lecture and allows the interviewer to highlight specific aspects and generate additional perspectives through follow-up questions.

The "LightPod" teaching concept was launched in 2021 with the help of QVM funds from the BCI faculty and won the second price in the category "Best Topic" (out of eight presentations) on 20.06.2023 at the 3rd FTMV Workshop "Digital Teaching & Study Success".

For more information about the "LightPod", you can visit here.