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In the framework of "Waste-to-Products" for decarbonization and zero waste: IFC 2023

PAS @ IFC2023 in Rotterdam, Netherlands

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© Merve Özkan, TU Dortmund

Merve Özkan at the IFC 2023!

The 11th International Freiberg Conference (IFC) on Circular Carbon Technologies took place from 24–29 September 2023 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The event is organized by the Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering (IEC) at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany). The focus is on the opportunities, challenges and developments in circular carbon and hydrogen technologies for the transition towards a net-zero carbon economy via recirculation of carbon-containing waste streams into the production cycle.

During this year's gathering, the Circular Foam Consortium organized a dedicated session focusing on the circularity of post-consumer polyurethane waste. Notable speakers included Catherine Lövenich and Stefanie Eiden from Covestro, shedding light on chemical upcycling options. Henning Gröschl from RWTH Aachen delved into downstream purification operations, while Martin Pillich from ETH Zurich provided insights into the life cycle analysis (LCA) of the entire value chain. Merve Özkan from TU Dortmund presented on the modeling and optimization of the entire polyurethane waste upcycling system. The session served as a comprehensive exploration of diverse approaches within the realm of polyurethane waste circularity.

© Merve Özkan, TU Dortmund
Circular Foam members at IFC 2023 (From left to right: Merve Özkan, Henning Gröschl, Martin Pillich, Stefanie Eiden, Catherine Lövenich)