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10 stars for teaching!

For the third time PAS has been awarded with 10 stars from the BCI Fachschaft.

Chair of

Process Automation Systems

The BCI buildingshot from above © Roland Baege​/​TU Dortmund

Welcome to the Chair of Process Automation Systems. The group has been established in October 2020 under the direction of Prof. Dr. Sergio Lucia within the Department of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering of the TU Dort­mund. The group is the successor of the Process Dynamics and Operations Chair, which was headed by Prof. Dr. Sebastian Engell since 1990.

The research focus of our group lies on the interface between automatic control, numerical optimization and machine learning. We develop new methods that leverage the large availability of data, recent advances in machine learning and combine them with rigorous guarantees from the field of automatic control.

Our goal is to obtain methods that are well founded but can be applied in practice to solve relevant problems. In particular, we apply our methods for the advanced operation of chemical, biotechnological or energy processes that can contribute to more efficient and sustainable industries.

The Process Automation Systems Chair is involved in teaching on the topics of system dynamics, control, optimization, machine learning, modeling and simulation for the Bachelor and Master programs of the BCI de­part­ment and the Master program in Automation and Robotics.


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